The Online Life!

Updated: Jan 1

Welcome to the beautiful world wide web! This online world can be a bit challenging for newcomers, so we’d like to help explain the best practices and important factors to look for during the introductory process. A specific course of action before you begin is imperative to a successful result.

There are many occupations available online ranging from blogging, customer service, freelancing, data entry, virtual assisting, day trading, and other work at home positions. Most can be found on major job boards such as: Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIN. The specified skill or trade will help narrow your options down to the best fit for your needs.

Are you ready to blog full-time?

Blogging can be a very lucrative business! Blogging is a great way to spread information on important news and reviews of products/services. The basic rule of blogging is to write it out when you are actually experiencing the event or emotion. It helps to add passion to your writing.

Most readers enjoy reading articles tailored for their specific issue, however , it’s not always a solution to a problem. When creating topics for your blog, stay neutral. If you’re unsure or what to discuss, research trending topics and choose a distinct view to write from there.

Details & Requirements

The more detail that your blog has guarantees your readers will come back for more. Let’s break down the basics for a normal blog. Every blog should have a minimum of 500 words to ensure that you have thoroughly covered a chosen topic.

Tip: Writers Block can be a pain. Begin free writing and slowly transition your way into your blog topic. The 5 steps to a complete blog include: Introducing your topic, Offering Feedback, Discussing a common problem, Offering a Solution, and Recapping with your readers. Since every blog doesn’t have final solutions, its okay to focus on your personal opinion or review.

Let’s talk money!

Most blogging positions for entry level bloggers are contract and paid per assignment. Although, the funds may come in slowly, something is better than nothing. As you become familiar with the blogger roles, you will feel more confident to take on multiple projects at once. An example of what to expect with an assignment would be similar to this:

Work assignment: 500 words

Pay Rate: $3/100 words

This would bring you to a little over $15 for a single assignment. This amount may seem low, however, at entry level, this is an amazing opportunity. Everyone has to start somewhere right? Connect with friends and those who are apart of the blogging world to educate yourself on tips and tricks that may work. Give it your best shot! You can do it!

Grow your Business!

Many people know the online marketplace giants like Amazon, Ebay & Etsy. What makes these companies successful is the consistent marketing and networking? They NEVER stop!

This method aggressively grows a company and allows room for creative and useful content such as: how-to books, tutorials, & etc.

Since web content is a form of a blog, videos and well-written content for your social media platform goes hand-on-hand. We find this to be a great way to increase customer engagement!

Have fun with social media by engaging with your customers. It’s okay to be personable & share a funny material once in a while, as it builds rapport. It never hurts to comment on posts & relate to your audience. Studies show that customers who have a direct connection with companies tend to spend more money. Use your resources!

When it comes to money, you want your customers to have feel confident enough to reach out to ypu. This process should be easy and user friendly. Add live chat to your website & talk directly to your customers from your website. We’ve found this web function to be the most effective for consumers.

Use this opportunity to offer products, assistance, or additional options. The live chat will provide each of your customers with more personal experience while offering a chance to answer their questions.

Tip: Add a touch of gratitude while branding your company and send handwritten notes or customized emails annually to your customers.

Final Steps: What to do when your website is ready

A critical part to living a successful online life is growing your business through promotion. A great attitude is will to bring you more clients/buyers and lessen your frustration, so jump out there! Don;t be afraid to introduce yourself and connect with your targeted audiences.

Use your resources to display your brand & connect with your clients such as: Facebook, instagram, Etsy, Snapchat, and TicToc. Don’t be afraid! Now is the time to tell the world about your business & how you can bring value to their lives. Offer your help! A simple technique that you are using, maybe extremely beneficial to a new business owner. Share your knowledge.

Lastly, when you meet potential customers, ask questions & discover how you can provide value to them. Ask yourself what you can bring to the table & be sure to extend a business card with your contact information and website. Learn what separates you from your competitors and stick it with it.

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