The Online Life!

Updated: Sep 10

The online world can be a bit challenging for newcomers. They explains the importance or being specific about your course of action before you begin. There are many occupations available online ranging from blogging, work at-home positions, freelancing, virtual assisting, taking surveys. Your choice should be based off of your skills and interest.

Blogging can be a very lucrative business. Think of a conversation between mutual friends about your topic of choice. Now write it out! This is a the basic rule of blogging. Most readers enjoy reading articles specifically to find a solutions to a problem. When creating topics for your blog, stay neutral. If you’re unsure or what to discuss, research trending topics and choose from there.

Add as much detail as possible! Solutions guarantee readers will come to your website. Your blog should be between 200-300 words to ensure that you have introduced the topic, gave feedback from your perspective, discussed the problem, offered solutions, and recapped with the reader. Be sure to add in your hashtags and links before ending your blog. So, now you’re wondering how this will make you money right?

$$$ let’s talk money! $$$

Now that you are blogging, your money will began to come in through ads managers. The First few months I grossed around $6 and felt

completed defeated until I back tracked and researched further. Blogging is something that will take time and patience without a huge fan base. Don’t give up. Google Ads Manager is a great options and tends to have a very consumer friendly website to access. The instructions are listed on how to embed the links into your website.

The online life takes time and patience! Connect with friends and those who are well versed in it and soak up knowledge!

Give it your best shot! You can do it!