Building Your Resume

Updated: Sep 20

I decided to create a blog on the topic of resume building. I see plenty of companies online that charge to create a resume. Its a simple fix! When the information is openly available, there's no way to fail right?? So here goes

The basic Info

You'll need to ensure that you are using Microsoft Word when creating your resume. Almost all employers are able to open their documents. Use a font that can also be seen for any version in Microsoft. My two favorite kind are: Georgia and Times New Roman

Use all of your space! Use the header box to enter your name, title, address, phone number, and email. Be sure to center the information. Moving on!

Employer Preferences

Through experience, I have noticed that most employers prefer one page resumes. Why? Because they have several other candidates who are competing for the same position. It boils down to your introduction and qualifications. By introduction, I mean your objective. You should have an objective as one of the top headliners of your resume. Make it stand out. You can label it as "Summary of Qualifications" or "Key Skills & Competencies". Use bullet points (or one full paragraph) to label the skills that you have to offer. Make this count! Your resume is about selling yourself.

I would stick to a small font for the body of your page

Education should follow behind. List the most relevant degree first and them have the others follow. Be sure to list the school name, city, state, the degree obtained, and your graduation year.

Employment History

This section is the highlight of the whole resume. You have to find a way to list skills for 3 top positions you have had. This will show your possible employer that you are qualified! It‘s important to list each job name, city, state, position, the year you began, and the year you ended at each job. Use bullet points to list the exact details of each job. You'll want to add the daily tasks that you‘ve completed. I would list at least 5 skills for each job to ensure that you give them a overall view of your level of expertise.


Lastly, list your achievements! Employers love to see that you have excelled. Include organizations, groups, promotions, or personal projects you have completed.

You have yourself a resume! Its a lot of information, but you can do it! Keep following for more tips on #business #life #craftypensblog