Grow your Business!

Welcome back to our blog! We have spent countless hours researching the basics of

what you need to grow your business!

We’ve discussed building a business in our previous blogs & nothing beats the flexibility of the online marketplace! It gives you the opportunity to stay at home, showcase, & sell your products to the world. This is ”Bossy Business!”

Many people know the online marketplace giants like Amazon, Ebay & Etsy. What makes these companies successful is the consistent marketing and networking. They NEVER stop! This method aggressively grows your company.

Create useful content like how-tos, tutorials, & etc. Web content can be in the form of a blog, video, or simply posting on a social media platform. I find this to be a great way to increase customer engagement! Creating content that will help your customers get more out of your products & services will keep them coming back to your website.

Have fun w/ social media by engaging with your customers. Be personable & share a funny meme once in a while. It never hurts to comment on their posts & relate to your audience.

Add live chat to your website & talk directly to your customers from your website. Use this opportunity to offer products, assistance, or additional options. The live chat will provide each of your customers with more personal experience while offering a chance to answer their questions.

Send handwritten notes annually to your customers. Add a touch of gratitude while branding your company.

You’re online! What Now?

The first step to GROWING your online business is having the right mindset. This attitude is guaranteed to bring you more clients/buyers.

Introduce Yourself! Use your resources to display your brand & connect with your clients. Don’t be afraid! Now is the time to tell the world about your business & how you can bring value to their lives.

Offer your help! When you meet potential customers, ask questions & discover how you can provide value to them. Ask yourself what you can bring to the table & share tips with others.

You have to understand what separates you from your competitors. Once you discover the answer to this, delve completely in and use it to your benefit. You’ve got this!

New Connections A critical part of networking as a small business owner is to build relationships with your local media, as they are the ones who can help to tell your business story on a larger scale.You can also generate inbound networking contacts to use for future references. Get your customers involved in your process & participate in your local small business community. Attempt to attend every expo and conference applicable to get yourself out there. You generally get out what you put in.

Giveaways & Surveys will help to boost your presence. Dont be afraid to send out quick & easy surveys. It’s an easy way to gather input on how your business is doing. A customers perspective is always important!

Newsletters & Follow-Ups! After testing multiple campaigns, email marketing is still the channel that generates the most engagements. We encourage all of our clients to start with a monthly newsletter where they share important company updates & business insights. Add helpful tips and give your customers a reason to be interested in your company.

Nothing reassures a potential customer more than you understanding their company and providing a trusted support! Take a step into your future & tell the world about your business!