How to publish your book

Updated: Jan 1

Are you ready to publish your first book?

Book‘s done. What’s next?

So you’ve completed a book and you're ready to publish. Maybe you’ve researched for endless hours and you’re still unsure of the best publishing company to choose. The good news is, you’re not alone! We’ve all been there and we’re here to offer help.

Getting started is really the easy part of the whole process. After your book has been edited and reviewed, decide where you want to distribute your product. There are several options such as: iBooks, Amazon, Ebay, Good Reads, and even physical copies of your book to sell by hand.

The online market is pretty complex and the wait time to receive funds can be a bit longer than normal. However, it is a consistent and lucrative pay once the money begins. Promoting your book is key to your revenue. When selling hard books, you receive full payment immediately versus with online marketing. Take some time to research the differences between the two before making your decision.

First Step: You’ll need a book cover

Every book needs a cover to grab the attention of their selected audience. After weeks of researching, we came to the conclusion that the options are endless. Narrowing down the selection by price and time resulted in a fairly popular website called, Fiverr. The offers on this website are unparalleled and you work directly with your designer. The website is completely professional and allows you to see the previous work completed by your chosen designer.

By now, your cover should be complete and you should know which distributor to choose. If your looking to print your books and sell them by hand, visit here to create your account and get started.

There is a waiting period for your book to be reviewed before it is made available, so be patient! This edit is essential to the livelihood of your material. Once done, you can order your proof copies before releasing to the public.

Easy enough right? Well, welcome to the promotion phase! Regretfully, this phase is pretty difficult. Now that your book is out, promoting is key to maintaining a healthy revenue in sales. If you need to, go back to the drawing board, determine your audience, and target their needs. **IMPORTANT** This helps to keep you focused and connected to your niche.

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