3 steps to creating a website

Updated: Nov 18

There are many articles everywhere on how to begin, but none of them seem to give you the best options of which host to choose. Don’t worry! I’m here to help.

The best web host I’ve found has been wix.com. Heres why! I love the convenience of being able to have everything I need in one place. The first time I used wix was a few years ago. I took the time to research each step and follow all of the tutorials that were already set up on the dashboard. I felt a bit overwhelmed, but once time went by, I was able to familiarize myself with the system.


The preset templates are amazing! They help you to set the basic structure of what you want your page to look like. Most people go for the modern look and then build around it. You can always update the pictures, add your logos, and design it the way you want. Once you choose a template, get ready to design. I spent four days in a row working on my website! I would not recommend you do that. Please stop, eat, refresh, and then resume; stay focused. The sooner you can get your website up, the quicker you'll be able to sell your products, books, or inventory.

Setting up Shop

Your store is the most important part of this whole process because it will bring you the revenue that you're seeking. You‘ll need to set up your banking information and verify it first! If you have products ready for sell, once you promote, the money will come rolling in. Stay prepared! I used Wix payment, PayPal, and Square. Its best to leave your options open when it comes to customers and payment methods. Many customers have PayPal accounts but some prefer to just use their normal card information. Prepare to wait for your money! Wix payment only pays out once weekly, however, its a pretty stable way of receiving payment. Do your research before you choose.

Done decorating?

Okay, now that the designing is complete, your store is set up, and you are ready to start. Lets go! Promoting is the hardest step. Most family and friends will help and support, but in order to be successful, you'll need more sells Worldwide. Use your resources! Google AdSense was my first step. Use the free business listing to market yourself. Those work! If you don't have a business phone, I suggest you get one quick. The promotional calls and ads will start to flow in.

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