Blogging Basics: 101

Updated: Jan 1

It’s Blog time!!!!! Im here to address all they hype and dig into how to properly creating your own blog is tedious and will require your undivided attention. We have discussed the revenue accumulated from blogging, but I’m sure you’re ready to know more.

Blogging is very profitable when done correctly and can create great opportunities to make money online and grow your business simultaneously.

What do you need to start a blog?

Blogging will nearly be a full-time operation and the three key things that you need are:

  1. Time

  2. Passion

  3. A topic

Let’s dig in! A successful blogger commits to posting lengthy and detailed articles at least once weekly. A great starting point would be 500-600 words for basic blogs on your topic of choice. If you are not ready to jump into a frequent cycle, its okay to start slow. Create your own schedule for your blog and stick to the plan.

Promoting the blog must also be done regularly across social media sites and through peer interactions. The last thing any writer wants us to produce content that no one reads. A common presence online produces loyal readers and often tends to grow your audience pretty quickly.

It is equally important to interject “passion” behind your blog. Writing good content revolves around great topics that you are completed obsessed with and it doesn’t require that you are a leading authority on this subject matters. As long as it brings you excitement, dedication, and deeply rooted opinions, you are well within your realm as a writer. The most important questions to ask yourself is:

  • What is the main objective of your blog?

  • Is it to inform the public?

  • Is this to make money?

  • Should I eventually retain paid subscribers?

Answering these questions can help you target your audience quickly and sustain your writing. Try not to overanalyze your decision and write freely during every step; this content can be used later.

Step 1: Choose A Blog Name

A good blog name is extremely descriptive and catchy. Potential readers can instantly tell what your blog is about just from the name. If you seem to be unsure on your choice of blog names, try discovering what topics you enjoy writing about the most. Just start here.

  • Hobbies & Passion

  • Life Experiences

  • A personal blog

  • Self improvement

  • Health & Fitness

  • Language

  • How to Travel on a Budget

  • Writing Styles

  • Rescued Animals

  • Personal Development

  • Social Dynamics & Communication Skills

Use these provided topics to help you discover a blog name. Next, you will need two important pieces to upload your blogs to the internet. blog hosting and blogging software. The good news is that these typically come packaged together by your selected host, so no need to look elsewhere. You must choose your host first before moving forward.

Step 2: Customize your Blog

You’re online!!! The next step is to customize your blog. The blogging software should offer free templates to begin with.

Use this to your advantage and tweak it until you’re satisfied. Its best used when you can visualize what you’d like for your readers to see. Put yourself in their shoes and then design.

Step 3: Promote your Blog

Creating a well-designed website and writing great content is just the start! In order to gain readers for your blog, you will need spend some time promoting it. Entertain family and friends with your content and share amongst followers or those who find your page interesting. if they like it, ask them to discuss your blog and updates on their social media pages.

People will never know about your work, if you don’t tell them! Try a few of these methods below to help promote your blog.

  • Alert Your Inner Circle

  • Use Social Media

  • Comment on Other Blogs

  • Engage with Your Readers

  • Collaborate

  • Create an Email List

  • Submit to Search Engines

  • SEO Optimization

Step 4: Making Money

You’ve made it to the end of your first successful blog! Are you ready to make money blogging online? Even if you aren’t, giving it a try, it wont hurt. After all, you have put so much effort in creating a great blog, adding detailed content, and promoting your blog. Its only right that you embrace the revenue from your hard work.

Revenue Pros:

  1. Extremely Lucrative

  2. Grows Your Audience

  3. Can monetizes your blog

  4. Several advertising opportunities

Revenue Cons:

  1. Takes time (6 mo. - 1 year before a steady stream of income)

  2. Requires hard work & dedication

A list like this shows that there is very little chance of failure. You can do it! Follow Craftypens Blog for more info on how to make money blogging and business guides!

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